The Audio Chapters

Chapter 1:  The Mouse Who Would be King
"In which Kittery Embers and her family are introduced, along with a mouse named Dossysissy Saw-Saw."

Chapter 2:  Up in the Sky, Down in the Ground
"In which Kittery Embers observes the moon - and sees something awful in the sky."

Chapter 3:  The Hospital of Wild Sorrows

"In which Kittery becomes very still, Whizzywhig very wet, and Dossy very upset about three very important clues."

Chapter 4:  Meadowlark

"In which Kittery wakes in the trembling dark and soon finds herself delivered to a distressing home."

Chapter 5:  The Enormous Chair 
which Kittery meets the Partial Minister Battlegrass, and finds out who has been sitting in the very large chair.”

Chapter 6:  Engloomed

"In which Kittery arrives at a mysterious spot, Dossy wakes remarkably refreshed, and Archie is sent out over the ocean in search of the Sea Minister."

Chapter 7:  The Sea Minister
“In which the PM burns a book and chooses a pie and Mrs. Gramshaw observes excellent and terrible things in the sea.”

Chapter 8:  The Black Fire
"In which Kittery is brought ashore, the Partial Minister is restored to power, and Mrs. Brushes starts a fire.”

Chapter 9:  The Littoral
"In which Kittery meets up with old friends and new.”

Chapter 10: Tamerlane 
"In which Kittery follows the fog, the Minister finds a new pleasure, and the Monarch reads a new Rule.”

Chapter 11: The Venns
"In which Kittery is tested in the Venns of Strength, Vision, and Flight and the Minister tries out his new fingers.”

Chapter 12: The Black Howl
"In which the Monarch is crowned and Kittery hears the Black Howl.”

Chapter 13: The Dropsied Skin
"In which the Monarch reads two rules and Kittery wears her oldest skin.”

Chapter 14: The Cloud of Stone
"In which Kittery has an experience old and new and the Monarch prepares to meet her beneath the Cloud of Stone.”

Chapter 15: The Fingerprints of the Fallen Down
"In which Kittery learns the Minister's first two Rules of Power and finds herself beneath the Cloud of Stone.”

Chapter 16: The Boy and the Crown
"In which Kittery meets Archie and prepares for the coronation.”

Chapter 17: The Infinite Outline
"In which Kittery is crowned and finds herself in the ocean and elsewhere too.”

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The Audio Chapters will be released every two weeks or so and the e-book will be periodically updated with the new chapters.

Newest Audio released April 19, 2012:
Chapter 17: The Infinite Outline