Front & Back CD ART by Robot Artist


Click to purchase Peas Hode! Ron & Fez Music Vol. 2 directly from Kunaki for $10 plus shipping.

For an Autographed Copy and/or to pay by Paypal, please send $16 (includes shipping & handling) via Paypal to  Please be sure to include your home address. I will be shipping the latter personally and signing on the white part of the hat or the insert card as requested.  

Problems/Questions?  Email Me!

             The Tracks
  1. Bajeebee! 
  2. The Big A Song
  3. NEW Peas Hode!
  4. Intercourse Lifeboat
  5. The Bird Omen Song   
  6. Fifty States of Confusion
  7. Ruby
  8. Serzone
  9. Weird Medicine Theme
  10. The Mooch Song
  11. Wedding Song for Dave & Casey
  12. The Big City Theme
  13. Lenay's "Did you Know?" Song
  14. The Zman Hair Bet Song
  15. Bajeebee - Dark Continent Remix

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