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Live Radio Performance of Whisper, Pray, Make Room

AMV 48: "The Whippoorwill to Paradox"

In which Sherwin's quest to understand the arcane use of a peculiar clock leads to an awful discovery on Paradox Mountain.  Music by Sherwin Sleeves & Angel Olsen.

                          The First Account

AMV 1: Abandoned Barns

In which Sherwin Sleeves recounts a William Gass story about a family trip to farm country.



                              The Second Account

AMV25: A Plague of Ice 

"In which Sherwin Sleeves speculates on the history of an old vehicle abandoned in his meadow and recalls a powerful hailstorm from his first days in Lemon.     


AMV 2: The Meese and the Bowl-a-mat

In which Sherwin Sleeves discusses an attack by Meese, doing laundry at the local bowling alley, and why he has a fondness for Superman.

AMV26: The Mailbox in the Woods 

In which Sherwin's mailbox is not only deemed to be illegally located deep in the woods, but also reveals itself to be the previous nexus for a very private correspondence.     

AMV 3: Lizzy Queelfight and the People of the Trees

In which Sherwin Sleeves discusses his boarding house days in Portland, Oregon and his more recent discovery of people living in the trees.

AMV27: The Moonshiner of Minishing Lake

In which Sherwin searches for a missing lake only to find that he has been summoned to the very lake by a lady moonshiner.    

AMV 4: The Stalwarts and Profile of Garbageman

"In which Sherwin Sleeves reveals his membership in a secret society and wonders about cause and effect in regards to the death of his former garbageman."

AMV28: The Race Car Robber - Part 1 

In which Sherwin finally permits himself a visit the local barbershop, where he is mistakenly accused of stealing a car.    

AMV 5: "The Antioch Fire"

"In which Sherwin Sleeves recollects the tragedy that marks him to this day."


AMV29:  The Race Car Robber - Part 2 

In which Sherwin pursues a robber while himself being pursued by the cops.    


AMV 6: "The Pennbennies"

In which Sherwin Sleeves continues his private work for the clandestine organization known as "The Stalwarts", secretly audio-recording persons of interest.

Music by Pete Seeger, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Stars of the Lid, Eddie Cantor, Labradford, Tom Waits, and Low.

AMV 30: Christmas Special "The Christmas Skater" 

In which Sherwin takes his yearly Christmas skate down a wilderness river, ever hoping to meet up with a long ago and deeply missed acquaintance.     


AMV 7: "The Mourner's Companion"

A meeting with an overdressed stranger at a hidden pond leads to an extended stay at the hospital - where Sherwin develops an interest in storytelling.

Music by: Godspeed You Black Emperor, Enya, Danny Kaye, The Waterboys, Drowsy, and Vienna Teng.

AMV31:  Happenstance/Drillwork

In which Sherwin takes a subscription to the Lemon Times, which newspaper he cannot read without special processing.    





AMV 8: "The Demon of Lemon of Repulsive Addition"

Winchester arrives at Sherwin's and confesses that he is being hunted by men on horseback who believe him to be a very dark figure. Sherwin agrees to assist him in his flight, and fight.

Music by: The Dubliners, Soul Coughing, Harold Budd & Brian Eno, Philip Glass & Sigur Ros.

AMV32:  Sarro's Balloon

In which Sherwin's insomnia leads to a late night voyage up into the sky. 

Music by: Corinna Repp, Biosphere, Bing Crosby, Joanna Newsom, Radiohead, Samamidon, Breathe Owl Breathe & Max Richter.

*Broadcast on XM Satellite Radio on May 4, 2008 - Thanks to  Ron &Fez!!
Broadcast on NHPR on July 4, 2008

AMV 9: "The Exponent of Westbrook - Part 1"

In which Sherwin recounts his unique military service at a remote outpost in the very far North.

Music by:  Feodor Chaliapin, A Produce,  June Tabor, Keiji Haino, Kenny Baker, Polyphonic Spree

AMV33:  The Accidental Apparition

In which Sherwin's sleepwalking creates a ghostly condition.

Music by:  Sherwin Sleeves, Faun Fables, Azure Ray, Philip Glass, Eluvium  & Drowsy   

*Broadcast on NHPR, Oct 31,2008

AMV 10: "Harvey Porter and the Pot of Hair"

In which Sherwin visits the local Lemon Library and undertakes a private project ' only to find that someone else in the library is doing something quite similar.

Music by:  Anton Karas, Stars of the Lid, Dick Haymes, The Mills Brothers, John Williams, My Brightest Diamond

AMV34:  The Dinner in the Dark

In which Sherwin is invited to dine aboard the Flying Yankee, which invitation includes a rather mysterious request.

Music by: Sherwin Sleeves, The Ink Spots, The Eels, Johann Johannsson, British Sea Power, David Byrne, Mark Kozelek & Elizabeth Cotten

*Broadcast on NHPR - 8:00 pm Nov 27,2008

AMV 11: "Bringing Lumpy to the Lamppost"

In which Sherwin's turn as Maxwell Fox in the 1970's family farce "The Droll Foxes" is recounted alongside a nasty revelation regarding his habit for making lists.

Music By: Lid Emba ('Tubby's Tabloid', Gilbert & Sullivan (Modern Major General), Piano Magic (from Son De Mar), Belle & Sebastian ('Fox in the Snow'), The Corries (The Bricklayer's Song), Mum (Green Grass of Tunnel)

AMV35:  Lemay's Last Case"

In which Sherwin is asked to write the "big twist" finale of the mystery novel of a deceased local author, but is forced to deal with a certain resistance.

Music by: Sherwin Sleeves,
Redwing Blackbird

*Performed live with Redwing Blackbird  in Peterborough, NH on June 6th at the "The Thing in Spring"

AMV 12: "Streamlines of the Futurist"

In which Sherwin is presented with a new Stalwart work outfit and discovers the name of the author of a much sought-after book.

Music By:  O Yuki Conjugate, Glenn Gray, Perry Como, Dianogah, Sufjan Stevens, Velvet Underground, and Eddie Cantor.

AMV 36: "The Orwell Storyteller Part 1"

"In which Sherwin boards a train bound for a plain type of elsewhere and finds himself in a special sort of nowhere."

AMV 13: "Unputdownable"

In which Sherwin is given the chance to put down the unputdownable, and given the chance to observe himself from a unique perspective.

Music By: Olivier Messiaen, Carly Comando, Corrina Repp, and Sinead O'Connor.

AMV 37: "The Orwell Storyteller Part 2"

"In which Sherwin finds himself stranded in the badlands and then in an even tighter spot."

*AMV38, the 3rd and final installment of the Orwell Storyteller, has been written and will be produced shortly.  AMV39 is a standalone story that will arrive thereafter.  AMV40 thru 45 were a part of 6 story subscription based series - they will also appear here soon.

AMV 14: "The Advanced Disappearance of Sherwin Sleeves"

After agreeing to switch places with the playwright, Artur Barrel-Bain, Sherwin heads to Barrel-Bain's home with his new set of keys, only to discover someone waiting for him at the door.

With music by:  Erik Satie (Gnossienne No. 4), Drowsy (Bed of Pyre and Wood), Fiest (Tout Doucement), and Yo La Tengo  (Everyday).

AMV 46: "Flip Hackery & The Goose Hollow Girls"

In which Sherwin tells the stories of two very different sorts of local celebrity - Flip Hackery, who is most well known for standing in the middle of the street - and the mysterious Goose Hollow Girls, who still live in their closed down campground with only their guns, a zipline, dogfood, and a bonfire to keep them company."

Music by: Sherwin Sleeves, Roy Harter, & Harold Budd


AMV 15: "The Boy in the Tree, The Boy in the Bed"

Sherwin's first hours impersonating Artur Barrel-Bain include sleeplessness, a silent new companion, and the request that he begin to make a study of a certain someone he'd rather hoped to forget.

Music By: Biosphere (Rotation), Kenny Baker (Wait & See), Lisa Germano (Too Much Space), Charles Mingus (Meditation on Inner Peace), David Byrne (The Other Side of Life), and O Yuki Conjugate (Dirty Roads)

AMV 47: "The Flashlight Jaspers"

In which Sherwin discusses the origins of "Chesskers", a new game he's invented with Sheriff Ray, and how that led to a troubling police visit to the Flashlight Jaspers, a family who have shut themselves off from the the world.

Music by: Sherwin Sleeves & Roy Harter

AMV 16: "The Allied Contraption of Sherwin Sleeves"

In which Sherwin observes his impersonator walking home from the theater and realizes a difference between how things seem and how they are.

Music By:  Kraftwerk (Franz Schubert), Francis Lai (Ninna Nonna), Richard Thompson (Remember O Thou Man),  Biosphere (Inverse), and Beck (Nobody's Fault But My Own)

AMV 48: "The Whippoorwill to Paradox"

In which Sherwin's quest to understand the arcane use of a peculiar clock leands to an awful discovery on Paradox Mountain."

Music by: Sherwin Sleeves & Angel Olsen

AMV 17: "Something Occurred & Just Went Back"

In which Sherwin's sense of self takes a turn for the inverse.

Music By: Joanna Newsom (Emily), O Yuki Conjugate (Dirty Roads), Philip Glass (Pruit Igoe), Sinead O'Connor (Thank You for Hearing Me), Harold Budd & Brian Eno (Still Return), and Stan Richardson

AMV 18: "Atoms, Motion & the Void"

In which Sherwin learns the secret identities of Artur and Tristam Barrel-Bain, and gathers that he has, all along, been undergoing the transformative process known as the 'Bodhi Seti Satva' which offers, in its end-stage, an intimate glimpse into the great unknown.

Music By: Napoli 23 (Weeping Rock), John Cage (Imaginary Landscape #1), Sigur Ros (Haffsol), My Brightest Diamond (Disappear), UNKLE (Never Never Land), Sigur Ros (Sigur 3).

AMV 19: "The Morphine Ghost"

In which Sherwin convalesces in his old apartment in the so-called Morphine Ghost-like state and has experiences both in, and out, of body.

Music By: Danny Kaye (Accentuate the Positive), William Basinski & Richard Chartier (Untitled 2), Biosphere, (Disparu), Eddie Cantor (Laff it Off!), Danny Kaye (I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Cocoanuts)

AMV 20: "The Bildeberg Silka"

In which Sherwin loses one body and gains another.

Music By:  Edith Piaf (Hymn to Love), Amina (Fjarskanistan), Robert Rich, (Beyond Part 1), Radiohead (How to Disappear Completely), A Produce (Rhyolite), Pink Floyd (One of these Days)

AMV 21: "Grave Versions"

In which Sherwin has a deeply disturbing run-in with Mr. Grave and finds out the real purpose of the Bildeberg Silka.

Music By: Sherwin Sleeves (Grave Versions), Tim Hecker (Harmony in Blue, Chimera), Piano Magic (Son de Mar) & Big Black (Kerosene)

AMV 22: "Lullaby for Liechtenstein"

In which Sherwin learns of Mr. Grave's apocalyptic visions and is recollected to an old acquaintance who still occupies a place in his heart.

Music By: The Ink Spots (Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat), Tim Hecker (Stags, Aircraft, Kings), Beethoven (from "String Quartet, No. 9"), The Raconteurs (Intimate Secretary), Rammstein (Rosenrot), Sleeves (Lullaby for Liechtenstein), The Pixies (Where is My Mind')

AMV 23: "The Exponent of Westbrook, Pt. 2"

In which Sherwin accompanies Mr. Grave on a northerly journey.

Music By: Ingram Marshall (Fog Tropes), John Adams (Light Over Water), Grey Area (Amphibia), Rammstein (Reise Reise)

AMV 24: "The Technologist & the Hummingbird"

In which Sherwin finds himself on an entirely new landscape.

Music By: Dino Pacifici (The Currents of Space), Burial (Night Bus), Somei Sato (Birds in Warped Time), and Arvo Part (Spiegel Im Spiegel, Fur Alina)


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